has provided training and consulting for finishers from one man wood shops to the largest companies in the industry. Put our experience to work for your company today.

Wood Training

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Wood Training  |  Wood Consulting  |  Wood Process Engineering

AWFI is a trusted name in the wood coatings industry.  Our training team are second to none in the industry with over 50 years of collective knowledge in wood coatings applications.  Our broad spectrum of courses provide a high level of information from surface preparation to packaging.  Programs offered by AWFI are hands on and provide real wood finishing experience for industrial finishers.  


Industrial Wood Finishing I
Advanced Industrial Wood Finishing II
Antiquing & Glazing III
Industrial Painted & Pigmented Coatings IV
Industrial Polyester, Polyerethane Finishing V
Water Based Finishes VI
Color Matching VII
Quality Control VIII
Spray Operator Training

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Training ROI


“There is no saturation point in education.”
–      IBM Founder Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

In today’s economic reality, every dollar spent must be guaranteed to return to your company’s bottom line. Employee training and development is becoming more important as companies are increasingly relying on the knowledge, skills and abilities of their human capital to drive companies business performance. 

Committing to training for different reasons, such as improving product quality, introducing technology to gain operational efficiency, reducing errors, etc. must directly improve profitability.

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Consortium Training

For smaller shops, cost effective consortium training may be arranged in your local manufacturing vicinity.  Customized and standard training programs include Spray Operator Training, Industrial Wood Finishing I & II, and Finish Genius Color Development to name a few.  AWFI will organize the groups in your area through trade association, grant opportunities, and our network of coating material and equipment manufacturers.  If you have training interests, contact us to discuss details on forming a training consortium that meets a broad scope of company interests.

On Site Training

For larger companies, AWFI will train your team of coatings technicians at your manufacturing site.  These on-site training programs allow your workers to gain valuable skills while limiting production disruption and eliminating travel time.  AWFI offers standard training programs or highly customized training solutions to fit your specific application & production requirements.   Our team will consult with your HR department to perform a training needs assessment.  AWFI will then develop a proprietary training program to direct the spray operators’ skills to the highest level of proficiency.  Our training aides, including virtual reality and multi-media content, provide an interactive experience.

Custom Training Solutions

A customized training program can be developed for a company, or companies, for training at the AWFI facility or on-site at the company’s facility. If an individual requests one-on-one customized training, the standard rate is $150/hour. 

For custom training call (888) 840-2934 or contact us for more information.

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