provides the highest level of in-depth process training, consulting, & process engineering to Aerospace industries. Let AWFI transfer our years of industry experience to your equipment operators.

Aerospace Process Engineering

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Is your finishing causing you bottlenecks?  AWFI will perform wet lab testing, offline planning, program implementation, and process tune-in.  AWFI Aerospace provides this process expertise in planning through the production phase with experienced painting experts.

Our services include:

  • Coating Technology Evaluations
  • Nano Technologies
  • Film Build
  • Reduction of Fuel Consumption
  • Equipment Research
  • Color Matching
  • Project Planning
  • Equipment Layout and Line Design
  • Automation Applicator to Part Path Optimization
  • Offline Robot Path Programming
  • Robot Path Programming
  • Process Implementation
  • Process Documentation
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AWFI provides a dynamic resource for our industry experienced process engineers to efficiently develop the most cost effective and advanced customized process solution to meet all your finishing requirements. Hand application coatings or highly technical automated solutions are developed by our diverse team to create a process using the best practice standards available to the industry.

Our experience has shown time and again that aligning services to meet business objectives is best achieved with a combined focus on people, processes, and technology.  AWFI works with each client’s manufacturing and finish application team to focus on addressing core processes and leveraging best practices to provide a successful engineering solution to your application requirements.

  • Profitability – AWFI’s hands-on process engineering team has extensive expertise in real world coating application knowledge.  This expertise allows for a collaborative approach to help manufacturers control costs, increase profitability, and maximize return on technology investments.
  • ROI – Shortened start-up time guarantees process viability, minimized lost opportunity.
  • Innovation – Our team uses the most advanced coating and application technologies in the industry to offer wood manufacturers innovative strategies that provide tools to compete in global marketplace.
  • Collaborative Execution – AWFI’s non-biased relationship between coating and equipment manufacturers ensures that your project will provide a perfect solution.
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Process engineers tune-in the process while considering all process factors including, temperature, humidity, booth air flow, part presentation, robot path capabilities, applicator capabilities and a final process documentation supplied at completion of the project. In addition to tune-ins, AWFI can develop a strategy for wet lab optimization, which includes pattern development, transfer efficiency testing, and appearance testing.  AWFI Aerospace Process Engineering team has the capabilities to make your coating application soar to new levels of success. Contact us today to get started.

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