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State of the Art Application Technology

AWFI Process Engineering Programs offer a one of a kind coating process engineering and prototyping solution.  Using your unique process requirements, market focus, and price point, our PE Team will create a research project to efficiently provide the most cost effective coating application process.  Analyzing coating technology, equipment technology and using best practice standards, AWFI will deliver specifications, quality standards, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to meet your specific project requirements.

Our experienced process engineers and lab technicians utilize the most advanced state-of-the-art R&D facility to define the process.  If required, our facility is equipped with robotics, reciprocating spray flat line with UV curing, a programmable hang line, and many other advanced technologies.  This guarantees every application technology is thoroughly researched throughout the R&D project.  Our one of a kind research facility provides complete temperature and humidity control throughout the lab to simulate real world climate manufacturing conditions.  This unique capability allows for true research and development that will prove the process viability after implementation at your facility.  Our flatline and hangline 3D UV curing capabilities provide opportunities to develop the latest application process for your coating solution.

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Process Engineering

Coating Technology Evaluation

Equipment Technology Evaluation

Process Prototyping

Short Run Trials

Process Documentation (SOPs & Quality Standards)

Advanced Automation Equipment
Experienced Process Engineers & Lab Technicians
Total Lab Climate Control
Simulation Technology
All Types of Advanced Curing Technologies (High Temp, UV, Infrared, Convection Oven, etc.)

Why Utilize AWFI for Proces Engineering?

Unlike traditional R&D methods utilizing coating equipment and manufacturers, our non-biased research and development team can provide in depth process development that truly represents your company’s best interests.  Before purchasing application equipment, we provide the best solution to eliminate costly capital expenditure mistakes.  Our technicians will shorten the R&D process to get your company into production quickly and more efficiently.  With access to all types of coating and equipment technology, our R&D costs are considerably lower than in-house development.  Automating your process utilizing AWFI’s resources will allow you to compete effectively against overseas competition and define the future of your company.

Shorten the Process Development Curve
Efficient Lead Time Process Startup
Reduce Startup Costs and R&D Time
Rapidly Adapt to Market Changes
Compete Against Overseas Competition
Reduce Costly Capital Expenditure Mistakes
Develop Automation Strategies Before Equipment Purchases
Develop Engineering Processes and Using Real World Climate Simulation
Increase Bottom Line Profitability

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AWFI services all industry sectors.  Select on the icons below to view Process Engineering Programs for your specific industry.


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