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February 2nd, 2012
AWFI Lab at Riverstone gets outfitted with Equipment 

The second phase of construction is underway in the AWFI Lab at Riverstone. The development of the Lab includes a 20′ by 20′ enclosed spray booth for both hand spay and robotic coatings application, as well as automated and manual sanding equipment. Phase one of the project has completed, during which the required infrastructure has been implemented as well as the installation of a flat line UV coating system. AWFI Director of Business Development, Kenny Stevenson mentions, “The additional equipment is crucial to the center for allowing AWFI to offer training and process engineering projects already in the pipeline. Manufacturers who offer products rarely have access to this type of coatings environment that is needed for their project advancement.”

The lab is being recognized as a one of a kind facility, offering a comprehensive coatings center as well as lab-wide climate control.  “We have the ability to replicate temperature and humidity levels for manufacturers across the US, which is vital when working with coatings,” says Stevenson.  After the second phase of construction is completed during mid-2012, AWFI can begin to run process applications.

The third and final stage, set to begin late 2012, will include a metal line outfitted with automated robotic painting, electrostatic coating, and additional hand spray applications.  The AWFI Lab at Riverstone will also include a 3D curing oven that will be unique here in the US.  Kenny Stevenson concludes, “The construction of the center has been going as well as we could expect. We’ve been planning for over two years now and our success is largely due to the local construction contractors’ efforts and abilities on this project.”


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September 15th, 2011

New Lab to be Staple for Industrial Coatings

AWFI has relocated its corporate offices to South Boston, VA. Previously located in Vineland, NJ, the new location will house the AWFI lab at Riverstone. The new lab includes automated coating equipment such as a finishing flat line, UV ovens and robotic spray equipment. The total investment in this location when the project is complete will be over three million dollars, making it the most comprehensive lab in the coatings industry.

Approximately three-quarters of the staff has already relocated to South Boston, VA, while some staff remain at the old facility in Vineland, NJ until the lab construction has been fully completed. The Vineland Lab is expected to stay fully operational for the next twelve months. Owners Phil Stevenson and Kenny Stevenson are managing the transition. Kenny Stevenson comments, saying “we are very excited to relocate our company to this area and are looking forward to opening up the second edition of the lab.” The AWFI Lab at Riverstone is expected to be targeted by small and large coatings and equipment manufacturers for their training and R&D needs. While the first phase of the lab is currently operational, the second phase of the lab is set to open by spring 2012.

There has been a recent trend in coatings toward automation in an effort to reduce manufacturing cost and improve product quality. The AWFI Lab at Riverstone is setup to service these coatings manufacturers.


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