Grants & Funding

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Let AWFI’s grant experience help your company improve profitability and employee training.

AWFI’s years of experience and proven track record with both State & Federal granting institutions have been instrumental in helping both large and small manufacturers stay competitive and grow in a global economy.  Types of grants include:

  • Incumbent Worker Training – Provides grants to currently employees to improve skills and company competitiveness
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance – Grants to improve the competitiveness of U.S. based manufacturing.
  • Consortium Based Training Grants – Groups of small companies coming together for a single training event to strengthen worker skills.
  • Federal Based Grant Programs – Mobilizing multiple educational institutions, state agencies, and industry to accomplish broader based national goals to improve both education and strengths of American based manufacturing.
  • Tobacco Commission Funded Grants – Revitalizing the Southern Virginia region through research & development, education, and economic development.
  • Small Business Innovation Research – Grants to research, develop, and commercialize new innovative technologies.
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The AWFI Grant & Ethics Policies

It is imperative that grant arrangements that AWFI participates in,not only fulfill the requirements of granting agencies but strengthen America’s workforce and the overall viability of American manufacturing.

Terms to Know When Working with Granting Agencies

  • Incumbent Worker – An individual or group of individuals with an employment relationship with a participating employer or group of participating employers in a target industry; an individual who is receiving group skills training.
  • Like or In-Kind Contribution – A cost a company incurs while participating in a grant funded program. Like or In-Kind contributions can typically be used to match funding sources.  Types of matches include employee salaries while being trained, space used during training functions, and equipment purchases to facilitate training activities.
  • Dollar For Dollar Matching Contribution – The company invests one dollar for each dollar the granting agency invests.

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AWFI’s team will walk you through the entire granting process to make the success of these programs as seamless as possible.  Each granting agency works under different regulations and guidelines and AWFI understands this process and will work with your organization to ensure the greatest level of success.  Feel free to contact us at anytime to begin the process.

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