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Finish Genius Wood Color SoftwareFinish Genius is the only complete color management and marketing solution specifically designed for the wood industry.




Marketing Tools:
Indulge your customer with infinite color selections

  • Sample Blocks
  • Standard Sample Block Colors
  • Custom Sample Block Colors

Productivity Software:
Innovative color and finish data management software including a pricing interface

  • Color Management
  • Process Information
  • Pricing Interface
  • Pre-loaded Software Data 

Finishing Training:
Hands-on training to ensure consistent, high-quality finishing results

  • In-House Training
  • Training at AWFI Facility
  • Group Training
  • Color Matching

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You can read more about Finish Genius software by visiting

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View color block samples created using Finish Genius Software.

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Sean J. Benetin
Owner – Millwork & More, LLC

Before we met and developed the finishing systems together, we were wasting a tremendous amount of time and money developing samples for every single project. Then after getting sign-offs, it was still very time consuming to repeat what we had done consistently for every project. After 20 years of finishing, it was time to take the “art” out for the equation and make everything we do scientific and repeatable. Most importantly, repeatable by anyone we hire in the future.

Hiring AWFI for its services is one of the top investments I have made in our business. I am so happy we spent the time to go through your entire training system, finishing up with the actual color palette development. There were so many little nuances and tricks learned along the way.  The payback has been immediate!

Not only do we now have hundreds of samples for clients to choose from, it is extremely easy to develop new ones as well. No more discussions, scratching heads and guesses in the dark. Our finisher is now able to develop any new finish to match each and every time, the first time it is made.

With the extensive training and support documentation we have now developed over 700 custom finish samples and growing each week. Thank you for helping us be more profitable.

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Samuel K. Hershberger
Owner – Kitchenview Custom Cabinets

I cannot thank you enough for coming up with the Finish Genius system. Your one-on-one training with our finishers and your expertise in creating a complete (software) system is a very high-valued asset in our business. Our new step panels and highly effective color blocks draw awe-inspiring attention from our customers. The system not only created the initial set-up, but is also a very effective way to store, alter, and create the formulas into endless options. 

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