provides the highest level of in-depth process training, consulting, & process engineering to Automotive industries. Let AWFI transfer our years of industry experience to your equipment operators.

Automotive Consulting

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AWFI consultants are highly qualified to conduct a health check of the application process, and provide an action plan to improve the process.  Our consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Paint Process Health Checks
  • Appearance Evaluations
  • Paint Usage Reduction
  • Applicator Cleaning Optimization
  • Equipment Technology Review
  • Defect Elimination
  • Process Documentation

AWFI offers on-site consulting services to coatings operations of mid-size and large corporate manufacturers. Our expert consulting staff from AWFI consist of professionals with over 50 years of experience in the coatings industry and specialize in providing total solutions for advancing manufacturing facilities to achieve maximum application performance and profitability.

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Health Check and Process Evaluations

Health Checks include…

  • Collection of downtime reports
  • Quality data (film build coefficient of variation, DOI, gloss, color measurement)
  • Review of recommended maintenance from main equipment supplier and comparison to actual maintenance program
  • Process parameters collection
  • Automation paint process path analysis
  • A review of the process control plan
  • A review of documentation and suggestions

AWFI focuses on how a specific process operates and the efficiency of the manufacturing effort. Process evaluations are normally conducted with key management and finishing foreman.  These process stakeholders can provide AWFI with valuable information to create a meaningful evaluation that will ultimately lead to value added recommendations. AWFI evaluations normally are completed in 1-3 days depending on the size and scope of the operation.  

Evaluations can provide the following:

  • Provide useful information to improve the process using best practice standards
  • Learn where the deficiencies of the process are and areas to implement enhanced coating and equipment application technologies
  • Provide a pathway to explore ways to improve product quality
  • Improve efficiency in the process and personnel to ultimately improve bottom line profitability
  • Ensure that finishing operations are environmentally compliant
  • Ensure that worker safety and OSHA regulations are met

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Process Improvement

AWFI process improvement model targets the means and methods to improve application equipment technology, coating technology, and operator skills to implement real world solutions for your process challenges.  Process Improvement opportunities are prioritized according to best return on investment.  Our PI team of skilled consultants work closely with your plant managers and decision makers to ensure the best possible outcome.

Process Documentation (Calculation Sheets)

AWFI’s consultants are experts in the field of process documentation.  Our team is well qualified to develop accurate documents for your process.

  • Finish Process Specifications and Vendor Specifications:  These documents provide baseline for finish performance including both physical and chemical properties.
  • Quality Standards:  Includes ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 standards.  These standards will include incoming material audits, in process audits and post process audits.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) / Work Instructions:  Our pictoral SOP documents are the most detailed work instructions and training manuals that are available to the industry.
  • Process Parameter Documentation:  Our team of experts ensure that your finishing process documentation is accurate and applicable to your process.  AWFI’s coating templates are concise and detailed, including all metrics of your coating process. (Flow Rates, Fluid Pressures, Air Pressures, Tip Sizes…etc.)

Expert Witness

AWFI’s non-biased 3rd party experts are objective and can analyze any type of legal issues in the field of coating applications.  Our cross-functional team has a broad perspective of issues that may arise in defending your company against legal issues you may encounter.  The following services are offered by AWFI:


  • Discovery Services
  • Scientific and Analytical Services
  • Opinion Reports
  • Expert Depositions
  • Preparation of Exhibits
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Finish Failure Analysis

AWFI’s advanced testing technologies can provide definitive, scientific answers to the causes of coating failure and failure analysis of coating systems.





AWFI consultants offer two types of services:

  1. Verification testing to ensure that the finish meets chemical and physical standards
  2. Failure analysis to identify root causes of failure in the coating system

We use cutting-edge and sophisticated analytical procedures to analyze coating chemistry, core resin technology problems, substrate problems and the finishing system itself. Our testing standards are based on those set forth by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and other industry standards.

Our labs use state-of-the art testing methods, which include:

  1. Infrared Spectroscopy
  2. Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy (GC-MS)
  3. Pyrolysis GC-MS

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