AWFI Finishing Evaluations

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Take the First Step Toward World-Class Finishing Capabilities

The first and most important step your organization can take toward achieving world-class finishing capabilities is to conduct an assessment. But the reality is that plant managers and team leaders are busy focusing on day-to-day activities and have little or no time for in-depth evaluations.

AWFI offers a time-tested process for evaluating your finishing operation. We know from experience that every finishing operation is unique. That means problems are also distinct, which is why our process begins with a thorough understanding of the business.

During our visit to your site, we evaluate:

  • Sanding processes
  • Lighting levels
  • Management of air flow in the facility
  • Coating applications and systems
  • Staining and color development
  • Glazing and distressing/special effects capabilities
  • Finishing equipment
  • Work flow processes and plant layout
  • Quality control systems
  • Skill levels and staffing needs

Armed with a comprehensive view of your operation, we are able to define the real problems. Inevitably, we uncover issues that a floor manager may never have considered. For example, companies often complain that employees’ work is inconsistent, only to discover through our evaluation that the finishing room lacks the proper lighting and air flow that are needed to produce high quality finishing.

Once problems are defined, AWFI consultants develop a needs assessment and identify ways to increase throughput and process efficiency. As part of the needs assessment, we create a written plan, a roadmap that can help your organization – large or small – realize significant improvements in the finishing room.

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